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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do you sell oil after it is produced?

A: Oil is initially pumped from the well and into an on-site storage tank. As oil

accumulates in the tank, the preparation process starts. As water sinks to the tank

bottom, it is drained and disposed of. Often chemicals are added to break down

contaminants. This is repeated as oil accumulates up to +/- 140 barrels. Then the

final prep is completed and the oil is picked up by a tanker and delivered to the


Q: How long does an oil well produce?

A: It varies and is dependent upon a host of factors. But, most wells produce oil

for several decades. Thirty to forty years is not unusual. Of course, production

will gradually decline over the years. The rate of decline is widely varied, but

commercial viability is very long-term, particularly, of course, when there are

multiple wells in play.

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