1456 State Highway 173 N
  Devine, Texas  78016




  Phone - (830) 663-1500  

                                                      About Us

Civron Petroleum Resources LLC was founded in 2007 and registered with the Texas Secretary of State as a Texas corporation (LLC). The company registered and provided bonding with the Texas Railroad Commission as an oil & gas operator at that time. (The Railroad Commission is the state agency that oversees the oil & gas industry in Texas.) Civron continues in good standing with the state of Texas and the RRC. The company is privately owned and operated.

The company is located in Devine, Texas, a small town approximately 30 miles south of San Antonio along the Interstate Highway 35 corridor. Our office, shop, and yard is located at 1456 State Highway 173 North. The property and building is owned by the company. Civron Petroleum has no long-term debt.

Civron owns and operates its own twin-pole, double-drum workover rig. This equipment allows us to rework and perform general repair and maintenance to a depth of approximately 5,500’ for rods and pumps and approximately 2,500’ for pulling and/or running tubing. Wellbores exceeding these depths are serviced by subcontractors. Aside from wellbore & rig work, Civron’s in-house crew members perform many tasks, such as excavating, flow line design, placement, & maintenance, pump jack installation & maintenance, motor installations & repair, welding & fabrication, tank battery placement & maintenance, site & road clearing, tasks requiring compression, CDL driving, hauling, and etc, etc. Our in-house crew's efforts are concentrated on developing and maintaining our own production projects. We do not divert our attention by performing “outside” contract work.

We employ a “lean & mean” crew of full time professionals. Our employees are hired and retained based upon positive background and employment history and varied vocational abilities in order to provide a well-rounded in-house operation.

Civron Petroleum Resources specializes in the area of shallow oil well development and production. We produce daily from depths ranging from as shallow as 400' and as deep as around 6000'.  Instead of “wildcat” drilling and its inherent risk factors, we focus on acquisition and enhancement of oil producing leases with an established track record and new-drill projects developed in the midst of proven and current production.  Our strategy is to operate proven resources, thereby providing a relatively conservative vehicle with reasonable expectations and a minimal risk tolerance.

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